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Fashion Tips from Canvas Toronto - 4 ways to wear a square scarf

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Tips from Canvas Toronto - 4 ways to wear a square scarf


A good quality silk scarf is a wardrobe staple that provides an effortless and chic look. Not only does it add a shock of colour and piquancy to a women’s daily life, but it’s flamboyant quality also has the power to enhance a women’s innermost confidence. A classic silk square scarf is not just worn once but is invaluable as a lifetime accessory.


Look 1 - The classic bandana look 

Spice up your headwear with a silk scarf that compliments your total outfit. With the right scarf and color,  this little touch can add a little bit of vintage sophistication to your daily wardrobe 

The Classic Bandana look


Look 2 - The Vintage flight attendant look 

Classic square scarves would work well with anything.

The Vintage Flight Attendant Look

This vintage look is inspired by the elegance of an airline style scarf. In the early 1960’s, the stewardess uniform transformed from a traditional military design to take on a more feminine, sophisticated look.

The square scarf brought color and uplifting energy to the uniform. This look not only brings out the airline’s personality, but also underlines each smiling face.  


Look 3 - 60’s & 70’s cool girl look

Ever since the late 60’s, a square scarf has been an essential accessory for women’s fashion.

There is just something so elegant about the look and feel.   

 Depends on the size, as long as you have a square size scarf. You can fold it diagonally across, take out a small strand of your hair and tie that with your hair.

60's & 70's cool girl look

 You may think this look is similar than the vintage bandana look. Instead of covering the head, fold it diagonally across and roll it into a slim piece.


Look 4 - The vintage turban look

 Turban was introduced to Europe in the 15th century along with the Turkish and Ottoman empire. With the rise of the renaissance, turban was slowly adopted by Europeans around the 18th century.

At first, it was considered an exotic accessory with eastern origin, it was considered a upper echelon fashion choice for the rich. Many of them are made in silk, often worn low on the head. Some of the women use this to cover their hair as well.

 After WW2, during the roaring 50’s women’s fashion became more creative, headscarves became a symbol for the bright young girls. Some of the headscarves had even reached an outrages look, flowers, fur and bows were some common embellishment.



After 1980s’ headscarves are becoming more of a traditional look. “Hatless’’ culture started to take over the main stream. However, simply because female isn’t used to the idea of having a headwear, that doesn’t mean we cannot bring back the look. As Canvas Toronto, based on the fashion trend that we studied, vintage fashion is on the comeback.



Written by Matthew Yuan 


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